28th April 2016
indexBrainworx logo White BgBrainworx Consult is a level1 BBBEE contributor

BrainworxC BEE policies and strategies are developed to ensure that measurable progress is made towards genuine black economic empowerment.

The approach to BEE
BrainworxC approach is broad-based and holistic and aims to embed BEE as a way of working across all areas of activity. The approach is collaborative and the business works together with BEE investors, partners, suppliers and the public sector, including government.

Supporting South African business first
BrainworxC is a passionately South African business and it is committed to buying as much as possible from local suppliers. Where we are unable to offer customers the right level of quality, value and technological innovation from local suppliers, BrainworxC will then look to other countries. As part of the Good business journey and in line with the broad-based approach to BEE, BrainworxC undertakes to:

  • Grow its Southern African supply base to ensure we retain the majority of our material sourcing in South Africa
  • Maintain strong local and regional material sources.

The DTI’s broad-based BEE scorecard provides a legislated framework and guide for tracking BEE progress and this is used as a management tool for quarterly measurement and reporting.

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