3rd May 2016

Construction services covered by Brainworx “Building Rescue”.

Pre-erection work, new construction and repairs, alteration, restoration and maintenance work on residential buildings and non-residential buildings. This works can be carried out either by our competent qualified team or by subcontracting parts of the construction work to contractors specializing in various installation works, where the value of work done by our subcontractors becomes part of the implementation process.

  • Pre Contruction Phase
  • Pre-erection work at construction sites
  • Site investigation work
  • Demolition work
  • Site formation and clearance work
  • Excavating and earthmoving work
  • Site preparation work
  • Scaffolding work

List of services offered during and post construction:

-Construction works for dwelling buildings

  • Private single dwelling buildings
  • Multi-dwelling buildings

-Commercial buildings

  • Public entertainment buildings
  • Hotel, restaurant and similar buildings
  • Educational buildings
  • Health Care buildings

-Special trade construction work

  • Foundation work
  • Roofing and water proofing
  • Concrete work
  • Steel bending and erection, including welding
  • Masonry work

-Other special trade construction work

  • Installation work
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning work
  • Water plumbing and drain laying work
  • Electrical work
  • Insulation work (electrical wiring, water, heat, sound)
  • Fencing

-Building completion and finishing work

  • Glazing work and window glass installation work
  • Plastering work
  • Painting work
  • Floor and wall tiling work
  • Floor laying, wall covering and wall papering work
  • Wood and metal joinery and carpentry work
  • Interior fitting decoration work

3d illustration of modern building construction concept3D-Building-Construction-4773915-construction-wallpaper