Terms & Conditions

Our Service and Guarantees [Corporate Supplies & Deliveries]

Brainworx Consult’s general “Terms and Conditions” apply to every proposal. A copy of these “Terms and Conditions” is available on request.
– All prices quoted are net and include VAT.
– If individual items are not delivered, the client may withhold payment.
– Payment may not be withheld on any invoices whatsoever if the order has only be partially filled.
– Prices quoted include initial delivery and packages. Please check with your Sales Consultant to confirm the date and times of delivery to your area.
– No COD delivery will be made unless the invoice is settled in full at the time of the delivery.
– Delivery teams are instructed to return stock to Brainworx Consult if full payment is not received.
– Please Note: Should payment for a COD order be made by cheque a 7-10 day clearance period will be applicable before goods are released. If payment is made by EFT, a 3 day clearance period will apply.
– All quotes / orders must be confirmed by signing an official order as well as signing this “Service and Guarantee document.
– Verbal orders will not be acceptable.
– Please confirm a more accurate lead time on placement of orders with your Sales Consultant.
– Please note no ‘made to order’ or ‘special’ items’ may be cancelled, returned, or exchanged.
All prices quoted are valid for a period of 30 days unless otherwise stated.
All items carry guarantee against faulty packaging/on transit defects . Please ask your Sales Consultant for the specific guarantees for items quoted on.
– Items will be delivered within 4-5 working days.
– Should any delay arise, we will advise on the appropriate lead time.
– Under no circumstances may goods be returned to Brainworx Consult after delivery without prior written agreement.
– Once goods have been received, the responsibility for care of the items will be with the Customer.
– Brainworx Consult requires that a Company Representative is available at the time of delivery to check the delivery and sign relevant documentation.
All deliveries will be confirmed with the Customer, the day prior to delivery.
– In many cases, if installation/assembly is required, the delivery and installation can not be completed on the same day, because of the nature and size of the installation. Your Brainworx Consultant will advise you on this. In such cases installation will occur the day after delivery.
– Any changes to layout and deliveries made after initial delivery and installation will be for the Client’s account and calculated at an hourly rate.
– Should the Client request delivery or installation outside of the specific working hours of Brainworx Consult, it will be calculated at an hourly rate.
– Storage costs will apply for any customer delivery delays exceeding 5hrs. Please check the weekly storage rate with your Sales Consultant.